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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Thursday 12th November

Children in Need

This week Lyppard Grange are participating in Children in Need's 'Five to Thrive'. There is a new theme each day and today's theme is 'Be Curious'. Here is the link to today's video for you to watch.


Remember to have a look at our school's totaliser too! You can see how much money we have raised for Children in Need!


In our morning check-in on Friday, please feel free to wear the outfit you had planned for our non-uniform day with the theme being 'Happiness'. Come to our morning session wearing something that makes you feel happy. That might be your favourite colour, your football kit or even your cosy pyjamas and slippers! I look forward to seeing what makes each of you happy.  


For your reading task today, I would like you to complete a reading comprehension. It is all to do with British wildlife. A lot of the animals you will already know lots about from our theme work. Read the text through carefully and then have a go at answering the questions. The answers will all be within the text so remember to go back to it when answering questions to check that you are right! 


Once you have finished the questions, you can find the answers below.


In school last week we learnt about the characteristics of mammals. Today I would like you to learn about the characteristics of fish. Can you name any fish? Have a look at the picture below and see which ones you recognise!


Just like mammals, fish have certain characteristics which are special. Have a look at the picture below. Did you already know any?


Now watch this video to learn more! Some of the fish on here are very strange!


This next link will take you to BBC Bitesize. There is another video for you to watch and there's also an activity and a quiz for you to test your knowledge!


Once you feel confident, there is an activity for you to complete. For the bronze/silver task, draw a picture of your favourite fish and colour the boxes that show the correct characteristics of fish. For the gold task, draw a picture of your favourite fish and then write the characteristics of fish in the boxes.


Today I would like you to start to learn some of our Year 2 leaf words. These are tricky words that don't follow normal spelling patterns and can't be sounded out and blended. Have a go at reading these words and make sure that you know what they all mean.


To help us remember how to spell these words, we can use mnemonics. Mnemonics are fun little rhymes. Have a look at the examples below. 



Now pick some of the Year 2 leaf words from the blue box and have a go at making your own mnemonics. Practice spelling the words using your mnemonics to help you.


Today we will be talking about how to add two 2-digit numbers together using a number line. We will talk about how to do this during our morning meeting. You can find your calculations to complete on number lines here. 


We will discuss the writing task in the morning meeting. Today you will be generating vocabulary for a woodland. You will need to think about what you might see, hear and feel in a woodland and come up with some adjectives. Make a note of your ideas on your sheet. 

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