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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Phonics and Reading


We believe that phonics is at the heart of children becoming confident, independent, fluent readers and writers.  Phonics is the system by which children are taught the sounds (phonemes) that make up our language and the symbols or combinations of symbols (graphemes) that are used to represent these sounds. They are also taught how to blend and segment these in order to read and write words.  We deliver phonics sessions daily in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and also in Key Stage 2 where appropriate, following a structured, progressive programme full of fun activities and games.  We use Jolly Phonics to support our phonics teaching and learning.



Reading is an essential skill, permeating all areas of learning and opening doors to knowledge and information.  We aim to provide as much printed material as possible in different situations and incorporate reading for a purpose within classroom activities.


We offer a wide selection of modern reading material and use a whole range of teaching strategies including phonics, to support progress in reading and writing.  Our reading scheme makes use of Rigby and Bug Club resources. We also place great importance on children selecting suitable books for themselves from our class and school libraries.  We want the children to be able to read for a variety of purposes with confidence, but most importantly for pleasure! 

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