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Tuesday 12th January


Today we are going to continue to practise using the Grid Method, you need to watch the Video titled Maths Tuesday 12th January, before looking at the tasks, this will take you through the lesson. You will need a piece of paper and pencil/pen or a whiteboard and pen so that you can work through the pause points in the lesson, just as you would do at school. 


There is a separate video that talks you through the Grid Method should you need an extra reminder. 


Work hard. 

Whole Class Reading

Today we are continuing our Line by line reading comprehension of the Ice Palace.  Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre title 'Ice Palace line by line part 2' and write down your answers to the questions. Make sure that your answers are as detailed as they would be at school, think deeply and use the text to help you. 

Number Magic

Theme - Poetry

Today we will be having a go at choosing the best words to complete similes and metaphors about winter.  

Geography - Compass Points

At school this afternoon the children are going to be spending some time at Forest School.

Just like Ivan in the story they will be going on an adventure.

Sometimes when on an adventure, especially in books, characters tend to end up in trouble and often times get lost! One way to stop this happening is to use a map and a compass. Whilst there the children are at Forest School they will be learning about how to use a compass to help them to travel in the right  direction. 

Below you will find a Powerpoint, which explains how the points on a compass work. You need to work your way through it, trying to apply the skills, then complete the task below. 

If you are lucky enough to have a compass at home then take it out with you on an adventure of your own during your daily walk. You could plot the direction that you took!

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