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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Timetable for the day

11.30am – Teams Meeting:  Classifying and comparing living things. There are two videos for you to watch before this lesson and then a follow up task to do afterwards – Animal classification.  Miss Harris' class - you will be taught by Miss Goss today.

Other tasks - you can do these at any time across the day

  • Number Magic- Day 4
  • Practical Maths – Dinosaur footprints
  • Independent reading task
  • Spelling
  • Creative writing task set by Miss Goss + a 4 figure grid reference input to watch

Remember to pace yourself and do what you can. We loved seeing work from so many of you last week, so please do email in any work which you would like us to see – make sure you do this from your school email address or get your parents to do it. If you need help accessing your school email, let us know.

Number Magic

Here is your number magic for today. Remember to use the answers to self-mark.

Creative writing

Miss Goss is taking the children at school out to Forest School today, so she has set you a creative writing task linked to what the children are doing. There is also some information on 4-figure grid references, which you may find interesting.


Today we are going to be looking at classifying animals. There are two videos for you to watch before our live lesson at 11.30. Then the tasks which you will need after the lesson are below. 

Practical Maths

Today you are going to pretend to be paleontologists and explore dinosaur footprints. There is a video to talk you through the activity and then all the resources you need are below. 


Today you are going to continue looking at the Moth text (which is saved in Tuesday's folder) and use the information contained in it, to draw a labelled scientific diagram of a peppered moth. All the information you need is on the task .

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