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w/c 30.4.21

In order to help secure your rapid recall of multiplication facts, this week we would like you to spend 30 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars. We will be monitoring to check you have spent the required amount of time, though of course you can spend longer if you wish. Get rocking!

This week in spelling we have been revising words which have the /u/ as in cup sound, spelled either ou or u. There is no simple rule for these words so you will just have to learn them. Therefore, we would like you to practise the words below. You may find some of the strategies on the attached sheet will help you.


ou wordsu words




Next week we will be continuing writing our double page spreads about an aspect of World war 2. Some of you have discovered this week that you actually need some more research to ensure you have information to complete this task. Below you will find some websites to help you with this additional research. You may also wish to find some pictures/photos which you can send to us (using our homelearning emails) so we can print these out. If you choose to search on your own websites, then remember everything we have discussed about sfae searching: use specific search terms and consider adding the words 'for children' , spell terms correctly, remember that not everything on the internet is true, search UK sites only and if you do see something which you don't like, tell an adult.

And is the link to 'Hey Mr Miller' if you want to practise your sign language over the weekend!

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