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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week One

Learning Through Play- Continuous Provision Activity ideas.


We have sent out normal individual reading books for your child on Friday for the next two weeks for you to read with them as normal.


We have just allocated this weeks guided reading book on Bug Club for your child to read and then do the associated quiz. You also have access to all previous books allocated.


This week we are learning the ‘air’ and ‘ear’ sound. Please show the children on the phonics strips provided at workshops the pictures that go with each of the new sounds. The action for ‘ear’ is to point to your ear and the action for ‘air’ is to create a cloud shape using both hands. There are games for both new sounds in Education City- Subjects- English-F2- Letters and sounds- Phase 3. Please encourage the children to play these two games along with any others of their choice.

There are lots of games you can play with these sounds and sounds taught already such as pairs games, hangman, writing on ground grass, sky boards, magnetic letters, eye spy etc.

More games can be found at

and on espresso


The two new tricky words for this week are ‘come’ and ‘some’ please show your child these words written down and on their tricky word bumblebee mat provided at workshops. The actions for ‘come’ is the beckon somebody with one hand and the action for ‘some' is to rub your thumb across all of your fingers repeatedly.  There are games relating to tricky words found in Subjects- English- F2- activities or for more of a challenge Subjects- English- Year 1- activities.


Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,

This week Dr Beth and Dr Kit sent us a treasure hunt to try to find some missing dinosaur bones.

We would like you to have your own treasure hunt at home. Pick a toy and ask a grown up to hide it in different parts or your house or garden. They then have to give you a clue so that you can work out where your toy is.


The phrases you might hear are:

next to







on top of

in front of









Happy hunting!



Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,

We have sent Dr Kit and Dr Beth your pictures you have painted of the new species of Dinosaur. We have put them on here so you can share them with your grown-ups at home.

Can you find your painting and describe it? Dr Kit and Dr Beth would like you to write a description of your dinosaur remembering your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, tricky words and making sure all of your letters are formed correctly.

Challenge – use a conjunction in your sentence or write 2 sentences with different conjunctions.


You could then write about a friends dinosaur.

Dinosaur Pictures



Hello Crocodiles and Elephants,


Dr Beth and Dr Kit were so impressed with your dinosaur paintings that they would like you to create a dinosaur picture at home using natural materials from your garden e.g. leaves, grass, flowers, sticks.

Here are some examples.

Have fun!


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