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Timetable for the day

9am – Teams Meeting:  Set up the day and reading of the next part of the Moth text.

There is no follow up work from this.

11am – Teams Meeting: Maths input

There will be follow up work from this – Maths Tasks Day 1.

Other tasks - you can do these at any time across the day

  • Number Magic- Day 1
  • Theme – identifying key features of the antonemy text
  • SPAG punctuation activity
  • Theme 2: Bird Beak Investigation – if you want to take part in this, you will need some equipment (see below for details)


Number Magic

Here is your number magic for today. Remember to use the answers to self-mark.


Below you will find a link to a PowerPoint. If you open it and play the slide show, then you will be able to click on balloons to select your answers. You will need a pen and paper to write down some sentences too.

Theme 1

Watch the input and then complete the task, identifying the key features of the Arctic antonemy text, to help you then write your own next week.

Theme 2

Today we are continuing to explore Charles Darwin and looking at some of his life’s work. This will include an investigation where you will a selection of the following items if you have them. If you don’t have the things listed here, see if you can think of sensible alternatives. Before you do the investigation, make sure you watch the video input and read the instructions on the task sheet. There is also a Charles Darwin video which you may enjoy watching. The link is below.

- some different types of ‘beaks’. Try to find at least 3 (tweezers, chopsticks, 2 x wooden spoons, a teaspoon, clothes pegs, scissors - be careful using these)


- some different types of 'food'. Try to find at least 3.

'worms' = string/wool, cooked spaghetti, elastic bands

'seeds' = actual bird seed, rice, lentils

'nuts' = marbles, small pebbles

'insects' = rice krispies, small pasta, peas


- a cup (your bird stomach) and some bowls to put the food in


We will be going through the text together today, but if you want to have access to the second part of the Moth text, then here it is. You may prefer to use this version, rather than follow along on the screen sharing, as that isn't always reliable!

Moth part 2


Following on from our video call, today's Maths tasks are below.

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