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Timetable for the day

9am – Teams Meeting: Set up the day followed by Character update Input (30 minutes)

There will be a follow up task from this: Summary writing of how the war is affecting your character so far (30 minutes)

11.00am – Teams Meeting: Reading Line by line (30 minutes)

There will be no follow up work from this.

Other tasks - you can do these at any time across the day

  • Number Magic- Day 1 (30 minutes)
  • Maths- Day 1, Video input (10-15 minutes)  Task (15-20 minutes)
  • SPAG (25 minutes)
  • Art- focusing on facial features ( 1 hour)

Here is the next chapter of our class text:


Number Magic-

Here is your Number Magic for the day. Remember to self mark.

Theme - History

Here are your character updates for this week - the date is now 23.5.40. If for any reason you cannot remember who you are, you will need to consult the document we shared in the Teams chat before half term or wait and ask your teacher.

In our live meeting, we will go through the updates to see how the war is affecting your character. Your task is then to write a summary to show you understand the impact.


Here is your SPAG activity for today. Watch the input first and then complete the task.


Here is your Maths video input and tasks for today. We are continuing with percentages with a focus on finding the missing values. Watch this video below to support you with your task, click on the video 'Percentages- missing values'.


Spring Week 4 - Number: Percentages | White Rose Maths


Bronze 2:

Have a look at the video called 'Percentages of amounts 1', make sure you focus on finding 10% and then 20% for a challenge.

Spring Week 4 - Number: Percentages | White Rose Maths

Theme - Art

We are going to continue to explore emotions and facial features this week. Watch the  You Tube video first, then the input and complete the task below.

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