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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Ten



Children who are returning to school will be reading all of their books in school with a Teacher or Teaching Assistant as we cannot send materials home.  There will be no book bags or reading journals.


For those children who are not returning to school we will allocate 2 books on Bug club on Fridays for the following week.

Remember all the books previously allocated will still be available for the children to re-read and please continue to use any other books you have at home.  Children will also enjoy finding words in books you read to them as well as the environment.

Continue to use the bumblebee tricky word mat for children to recognise and read on sight and begin spelling accurately too.

Oxford Reading tree have also released their scheme for you to use at home for free. This is in the national book band colours. You will need to create an account.

Day 1


Ahoy there Shipmates!


This week in school, we are going to read the story called ‘Pirate Pete’. In the story, Pirate Pete visits several different islands looking for treasure.

Pirates need to be good at counting to make sure they know how much treasure they have in their treasure chests. Pirate Pete finds counting quite hard, can you help him work out how much treasure he has?

To do this task, you might want to use some of your toys or construction to help you count. Remember to listen carefully and count accurately.

Challenge – after you have worked out how much treasure Pirate Pete has, can you write a number sentence to record what you did using the +, - and = symbols?


1. It was a hot, sunny day on Dragon Island and Pirate Pete was digging for treasure. He found 9 gold coins and 6 silver coins. He put them into his empty treasure chest. How many coins does he have? (Answer 9+6=15)


2. Pirate Pete then sailed to Clover Island and found 5 sparkling rubies. He added them to his treasure chest. How much treasure is in the chest now? (Answer 15 + 5 = 20)


3. As he was carrying his treasure chest back onto his ship, Pete fell over and 11 coins fell out. How much treasure is in the chest now? (Answer 20 – 11 = 9)


4. Just then, a cheeky parrot swooped out of a palm tree and took 2 rubies out of the chest! How much treasure is left inside the treasure chest? (Answer 9-2=7)


5. Pirate Pete collected his 11 coins from the ground and put them back into his chest. He counted to see how much treasure he had left. How much does he have? (7+11= 18)


Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Day 2


Ahoy there shipmates!


Pirate Pete has lost his eye patch, can you make him a new one and make one for you too!


You will need a piece of paper, a plastic cup, a ruler, some string or wool, a pencil, scissors, white chalk or a

 white pencil crayon.


Put a plastic drinking cup onto the paper and draw around the top of the cup.


Cut the circle out.


Now put a ruler on the cut out circle, near the top of the circle and draw a line.


Cut along the line and cut the top of your circle off.


Ask a grown up to help you make a little hole in each side of the patch.


With a piece of string measure around the top of your head.


Ask a grown up to help you tie the string through each hole.


If you have any white chalk or a white pencil crayon you can then draw a pirate skull and cross bones

onto your eye patch.


Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Day 3


Ahoy there shipmates!


Do you know why pirates wear eye patches?



On the deck of the pirate ship it is very bright from the sunshine, when you go below deck it is dark and the pirates would struggle to see.

If they wore an eyepatch, it meant that the eye that the patch was covering was use to the dark, so when they went below deck, they would swap their eye patch over to the other eye and they could see.


Pirate Pete would like you to try a little experiment, you will need your eye patch that you made.

Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Additional activities.


Please use Oak Academy for additional lessons and activities if you require more. 

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