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Friday 15th September 2023

Homework due Wednesday 20th September



Maths Homework - Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)

Each term we are asking you to master a set of Key Instant Recall Facts or KIRFS. You need to be able to recall these facts, as the title suggests, instantly. If you learn these each term it will make all Maths easier because you will have the facts at your finger tips.

This term the KIRFs are to be able to

To know number bonds within 100.

Attached is an information sheet for parents with ideas as to how you can practise this skill.

You will also find some other activities to complete, this needs to be handed in ready to share byWednesday 20th September. 

Your aim is to be able to recall the facts instantly by October Half term.

You will then be given a new KIRF in November. 

You don’t need to print this off, you can just write the pair that fits with each of these number to give the total of 100, in your homework book.

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