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Friday 8th January


Today we would like you to begin using Bug Club. Your book band colour on Bug Club should be the same as your reading scheme colour, but we will confirm which colour book we would like you to read in our meeting. Look at the list below to find the book that you need to read today:


Yellow: Bug Boy: Spider Camp

Blue: Jay and Sniffer: The Bike Race

Green: Dixie's Pocket Zoo: Robber Run-around

Orange: Goldilocks and the Clever Plan

Turquoise: Extreme Living 

Purple: Thunderbirds are Go: Fireflash

Gold: Pete's Peculiar Pet Shop: The Very Smelly Dragon

White: Stunt Bunny: The Great Getaway 

Lime: The Smell of the Cakes


Once you have read you book on Bug Club, we would like you to complete the follow up activity for the book. Find your book from the list below:


It’s riddle writing day! Today you should use your vocabulary sheets to write your riddle about your chosen woodland animal. To begin with, you should write your first draft and edit and improve this. Once you are happy with your work, we would like you to write your riddle up in neat. You should use your neatest joined handwriting and you could also draw a picture of your animal and hide it by creating a flap so that you can reveal your animal after someone has taken a guess about what it might be!  


Make sure that you use your success criteria so that you know which features to use.


Today you have a music activity to complete! We would like you to listen to a piece of music called ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ which was written by a composer (someone who writes music) called Camille Saint-Saens.


Saint-Saens was a French composer who composed ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ in 1886.


Have a listen to the music. Close your eyes and think about which animal the music reminds you of. Have a think about whether you like the music or not and why. Feel free to listen more than once! 


Once you are ready, complete the activity. 

Carnival of the Animals mvt 7.mp3

Number Magic

Here is today’s Number Magic for you to complete. Remember to complete just one of the challenges, you don’t need to do all three!


As we would of had P.E in school today, we would like you to do some physical activity at home as it is very important that we stay active whilst at home. Today we have given you a link to a 'PE with Joe Wicks'. If you would prefer to do something else then that is fine! Just make sure you do something that raises your heart rate.


Today we are going to be learning how to calculate change from a certain amount of money. 

When we don't have the exact money needed to buy an item, but we do have enough money to buy it, then we have to receive change so that we pay the right amount. 

When we are calculating change we need to find the difference between the two numbers using our bar models and a subtraction number line (remember to always take the smallest number away from the largest number).


Have a go at the activity below, you can choose which colour activity you would prefer to do using your self-assessment.

Please do email us if you need some extra support. There is also a video linked below of Miss Rogers showing a demonstration of how to calculate change.

Finding Change Support Video

Still image for this video

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