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So now you have found out which character you are throughout the English Civil War! Are you a Roundhead or a Cavalier? Or maybe even Charles I or Cromwell! Whoever you are I am sure you have found out lots about them but how much do you know about the actual Civil war? when did it start? how did it start? To answer some of your questions there  is timeline activity to have a go at. If you can print it off, stick the events in chronological (time) order, If you do not then don't worry just write down the key events on a timeline. We hope this answers some of your questions! Have fun! 

There is also a song to listen to- click the link below!

Put the events in order using the dates as clues. Include the ones which have been blanked out, there are three of them. On Friday we will be looking at what happened on these dates. 

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