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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


We're so proud of how you are all doing and have really been enjoying interacting with you in our live lessons, and seeing the work you have been producing. Remember, just do what you can.


Timetable for the day

 9am – Teams Meeting: Reading input

This will be a line by line session so there is no follow up work.

11am – Teams Meeting:  Maths Input

There will then be follow-up work from this – Day 1 Maths

Other tasks - you can do these at any time across the day

  • Number Magic- Day 1
  • SPAG Day 1
  • PSHCE Coat of Arms activity
  • Environmental project

Remember to pace yourself and do what you can. Please email in any work which you would like us to see – make sure you do this from your school email address or get your parents to do it.

Number Magic 

Here is your number magic for today.


All of the answers are included so you can check your own work. Once you have marked it yourself, you can send it in to us if you wish, particularly if there is something you want some help with, but other we are happy for you to self-mark.


Here is your maths task for today. We are continuing to look at calculating the area of triangles and it would probably be best to tackle this task after we have done the live input.


You will find the answers on the same document so you can self-mark.


Here is your SPAG task for today. You will be looking at synonyms, If you do not have a physical dictionary you can use an online dictionary instead. You can send us any SPAG work which you would like us to look at.




For today's theme lesson, we would like you to continue planning/creating your 'Future We Want' project. Remember to review your plans before continuing.



Following on from our work last week on celebrating differences, we are going to think about the communities which we are part of and how they give us a sense of identity and belonging.

There is a video you can watch if you want to of a teacher from Oak Academy explaining a little more about community, otherwise your activity is in the document below.

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