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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Nine

Hello Year 4!


We hope that you all had a lovely week last week. We have been busy working from home and also being in school with our key worker children. It has been lovely to see some of you there but we are missing the rest of you very much! We have not been happy with the change of weather, we are sure you agree! #bringbackthesunshine


Please find below your home learning for this week. This week we have a brand new theme! Because we are not at school, we can't launch our theme as we might have wanted to, but we think that you are going to like it...

You will be putting your historian hats on and learning all there is to know about the English Civil War. As well as being an important point in history, Worcester played a very important role in the war, and so we hope you enjoy learning about our local history! You might want to start by reading our key text for this week as it tells you all of the basics about this period of history - find this on the Reading page!


You have a whole range of different activities and tasks to complete so please enjoy them! As always, try your best with the challenges we have set you and if something is too difficult don't worry. 


We have loved hearing from you via your parent's Twitter accounts so please keep the tweets coming! @LyppardGrange @LyppardMissBird  *We thank parents for tweeting us and not direct messaging us this week, perfect! 


We are sure that you are portraying all of our school values on a daily basis and we couldn't be more proud of you for this. It has been a very long time since we have seen most of you and yet it only feels like yesterday that we were smiling and enjoying learning in our classrooms. 


We miss you every day. Stay safe and keep smiling Year 4!


Miss Bird, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Brown, Mrs Parry & Mrs Vickers xx



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