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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Eleven

Welcome to Week 11 of home learning.

We hope that over that last few weeks you have enjoyed learning all about Ancient Britons or Celts. We have enjoyed seeing the models of Roundhouses that some of you produced as part of the Creative Tasks. Did anyone have the space to build a full sized model in their garden? We would love to see the photos if you did!

We were delighted to hear that lots of you found learning about Boudicca exciting - this weeks learning builds upon your new found knowledge, so enjoy!


From 23rd June you can email all the work you have produced for the week to us using a special email address. We are very excited to see all last  weeks work - from the Celtic knots to the Text messages about the book you have read. You only need to email with your work once a week so collect it all together and then send it along - we can then share in your achievements and tell you how well you have done. It will also help us to see who is engaging with the activities which will be great for us. 


Mrs Stevens class can send their work to Miss Goss using this email address:

[email protected]


and Mrs Griffith's class can use this one:

[email protected]


Enjoy this weeks tasks - the Creative tasks are based around some of our Science objectives for this term and we continue to learn about Ancient Britain though our other tasks, so we hope that you like them. 


We know that you are all getting a little frustrated and that most of you would like to return to school, that is what we all want and when it is safe to do so that is what will happen. The work we are setting you is designed to help you to keep being the superstars that we know you are - do your very best to complete it. It's tough being away from your friends and school life but it won't be forever.

Stay safe and make us proud!

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