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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Writing and SPAG

Writing Tasks

Task 1

This week we would like you to create your own book character who could feature in an adventure story. You need to decide on the following:

  • Their name (make it memorable)
  • Their age
  • Their family situation (Do they have parents, brothers, sisters, a husband or wife etc.)
  • Their appearance (including height, hair and eye colour, any distinguishing features such as scars, a limp, a beard etc.)
  • Their personality (are they brave, friendly, clever, funny, mean, angry etc. and how does their personality affect their behavior?)

You can choose how you wish to present this information. You may want to draw a picture and then label it, or create a character profile – it is your choice.

You will need this character for future tasks so make sure it’s a good one!


Task 2

Now that you have created your own character, you are going to do a piece of writing to introduce them to your reader. Think back to when we read the text ‘Edwin and the Robo-Shifter’ - we explored how the author had introduced the character in an interesting way to engage the reader. Re-read the example from the original text and then plan out and write your own version where you introduce your character. Put them in a specific place and then describe them and what they are doing in that situation. They could be at work, at school, in the park, on holiday etc. Remember that you need to make your character really memorable. We have provided success criteria to support you with this.


Edwin and the Robo-Shifter

Heart thumping, Edwin took a step back from the machine standing before him. Taking a deep breath and running his hand through his unruly auburn hair, he surveyed the scene in his cramped workshop, transfixed by what he saw. Was it possible? Had he finally achieved his life’s ambition? Was advanced artificial intelligence now a reality? Nervously Edwin peered through his unusually thick glasses at the huge piles of blueprints scattered on the desk, comparing each detail against the robot before him: his creation was complete.

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