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Writing Task One


Dear Year 2,

Your first writing task is to complete the piece of writing that we began to plan in school about your version of ‘How the Birds Got Their Colours’. We have uploaded the story below to remind you about its structure.

You should create your own characters and title to make it your very own version. For example: How Zebras got their Stripes, How Unicorns got their Horns, How cats got their whiskers.


Try to follow the story mountain structure that we talked about:

  • Beginning – Introduce your character and the setting
  • Problem – What goes wrong?
  • Resolution – Another character comes to help
  • Ending – What reward do the characters get? Is there a character that doesn’t receive the same as everyone else?


Use your success criteria to help you include all of the features that we’ve been learning about. These can be found below. J

Dear Year 2,

This week’s spelling are words that have the ‘sh’ sound in spelled ‘si’ or ‘su’. You should learn these spellings using rainbow writing (writing the word multiple times but in different colours) or any other way that you choose. To help you learn these spellings there is a link below that will take you to a website. Click in ‘Spelling Tiles’ and this will take you to a range activities.


Spelling Activity – words ending in ‘tion’

We have also allocated you some grammar games on Bug Club – Spelling Grammar. These focus on using conjunctions correctly and identifying different sentence types.

Bug Club Spelling Grammar Activity –Types of sentence

Bug Club Spelling Grammar Activity –Conjunctions

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