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Week 14

To our lovely Year 4’s,

Welcome to your final week of Home Learning. This week we have prepared some transition style activities for you, to help you to reflect on your time in Year 4 and begin to look forward to moving into Year 5 in September.

It has been lovely speaking to some of you on the phone this week. If we didn't call you last week, don’t worry, we will be ringing you this week!


We hope you are looking forward to your summer holidays. We know they might be a little different this year but it will be nice to have some off from doing your home learning, giving you time to relax and get some well-earned rest.

We would just like to take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful you all are and to let you know just how much we are going to miss you. We are very upset that our time with you got cut short and that we didn’t get to finish this year with you, but we feel lucky to have even got to be with you for any amount of time. You are all amazing individuals with brilliant personalities. We know that you are going to be just as wonderful in Year 5!


The letters that we have written to you say more about how we feel, so please read every word of them because we really do mean what we have written. We are sorry that we have not been able to say goodbye to you as we would have liked but don’t forget that Miss Bird, Mrs Brown, Mrs Parry and Mrs Vickers will still be in school so you can come and visit us! We are very sad that Mrs Bradshaw is leaving Lyppard Grange but she will be back soon to do some supply so this is not goodbye forever.


We hope you enjoy your home learning this week. Just try your best as you always do. Only one more week of work left!


Good luck Year 4. Have a lovely summer and we cannot wait to see you in September to check in.

All the best,

Miss Bird, Mrs Brown, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Parry and Mrs Vickers x

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