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Here is your Number Magic for the week - happy calculating!

For your maths challenges this week, you will be using all four operations to solve different types of problems. Remember that when you are solving word problems you need to read them very carefully and identify the key information. Drawing a bar model to represent the problem might help you. 


Here are some games on Education City that will help you:


Silver and Gold (in the Year 6 area)

Cone with the wind

Start your engines

Paint scaling


Bronze (in the Year 4 area)

Supermarket sweep

Aisle Pay

Time Bandit



This game on Maths Frame will help you with the activity for Day 1. Have a go at playing this first before you solve the problems. 

Check at the bottom of your challenge on Day 4 for some practical maths activities that you could solve with your families.


Here is another game you could play - all you need is a partner!


Two-handed Maths, Paper, Scissors

Have you ever played ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’? Well this is a maths version of the same game!

How to play:

1. Stand and facing your partner. Make two fists and say together with your partner ‘maths, paper, scissors’ whilst moving your fists up and down (in a similar way to when playing rock, paper, scissors).

2. On scissors, each of you puts out between 0 and 10 fingers.

3. You then need to race to multiply the number of fingers you have put out by the number of fingers your partner put out (e.g. 6 x 8), double the answer (e.g. 48 x 2) and call out the answer (e.g. 96).

4. The player to call the correct answer first, wins a point. 5. Record who wins each ‘battle’ in a simple table; the first player to 15 points wins!

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