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Synagogue Visit

Year 6 Synagogue Visit


On the 10th of April, the year 6 team readied themselves for an extraordinary trip to Singer’s Hill Synagogue in Birmingham. Thanks to the incredible tour guide, year 6 were able to learn more about the Jewish religion and way of life. He began by giving us some information about the history of the synagogue and the services which are held there each day, before taking us through the different areas of the building, explaining all about the different customs and symbols. 


As they entered the first room there was a small round of gasps from the children, but the real breath-taker was the beautiful senior synagogue itself. With columns of amazing white marble, intricate velvet floors and shining golden chandeliers, the children were amazed by the ornate decoration and splendour.


The year group thoroughly enjoyed their visit and came away with a much greater understanding of the Jewish faith.


By Matthew Bl, Phoebe P and Jacob C

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