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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.


Focus Activity - Maths


During our morning session we will work through a reasoning and problem solving question with the children.

If you can't join the Thursday morning session here is a problem solving question to do with tens and ones you can try with your child.

Peg Activity - Writing


Have a look at the picture below. Can you describe what you can see in the picture? Think about the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where and why). Remember to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Add some exciting adjectives to your descriptions too!


Lolly Activity - Maths


Fill in the missing gaps in the part whole models.


Focus Activity - Phonics


During the morning briefing the children will flick through previously taught digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words.


Letter ladders 

In this game a grown up reads the word and the children find the correct phonemes and make the word. For example, if I said the word ‘term’ they would find the ‘t', 'e', ‘r’ and 'm' and put them in the correct order to make the word.


To be able to do this at home with your child we would like an adult to read the word, your child should then be able to hear the sounds and either write the word down or use the a-z phoneme cards to find the sounds they need to use. Please make sure your child knows what the word means. For example, after you have said ‘girl’, put it into a sentence “The girl was playing tennis with her friends.”



term – firm – fir – first – burst – burn – turn – turf – surf – sir – her – herb – verb - curb – curl – girl.


Focus Activity - Tricky Word


We are going to have a go at practising some of our tricky words. We are going to give you a word a day to practise. Today your tricky word is prove.


Choose one of the options, or anything you can find at home, and write the tricky word for today using that resource. See how many times you can write the word in a minute! Then choose 3 more resources and rewrite prove using;


  1. Rainbow writing
  2. Sand, flour, rice
  3. Paint
  4. Water
  5. Mud
  6. Chalk
  7. Glitter

Additional Activities



Have a go at creating your own workout by spelling out your name and completing the activities listed below. After you've completed your name workout you could have a go at creating a workout for another family member's name.

Puzzle Time


The names of the African animals are all jumbled up. See if you can unjumble the words and match them to their animal picture. 

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