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Friday 13th November

Good Morning everybody. 

It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday, I am sure now we have sorted out the log in issues I will see even more of you tomorrow. Thank you. 

It's Children In Need day,smileylaughheart so wear your 'Happy' clothes all day! Log on to the website (Link on the Home learning start page) and join in with some of the games and activities that you find there. There are lots of fun activities. 

Don't worry about the raffle, I am saving that till next week! You are also going to be able to wear your 'Happy' clothes next Friday to school so we can have our own dress up day just like the rest of the school. 

I look forward to seeing the work that you produce today. Enjoy your weekend and I will see you again on Monday. 

See you later alligator! 



We are going to continue to think about estimating today as it is a very useful tool when checking if our answers are correct. We can see if our answers are reasonable. 

If you would like to recap the things we  learnt yesterday take a look at the link for yesterdays lesson. 

Below is an example of how you can use estimating to  help you to check your answers. 


So if we were calculating 698 + 235 and we wanted to use an estimated answer to work it out we would do something like this. 

First we need to create the estimated answer -  so we are going to use 'near' numbers or rounding to help us. 

If you used a number line and placed the number 698 onto it, it would fall between 600 and 700, which is it nearer to? That's right 700.

235 falls between two multiples of one hundred, 200 and 300. Which one is it nearest to? In other  words which one can it be rounded to? That's right 200.

So the estimated answer is 700 + 200 =  900.


Now calculate the actual answer using the expanded column method. 

          600 + 90  + 8

     +   200 + 30 + 5

          900 + 30 + 3

          100    10

Is 933 nearly 900? Then our answer is reasonable.


Now try the activities.


Yesterday I asked you to read the Bug Club book 'A Volcano Wakes Up!' and to answer the Bugs. If you haven't finished then you can carry on with this. 


Today and on Monday -  I would like you to think of at least 5 things that you would like to know about Volcanoes. e.g. Where is the largest Volcano in the world? Why and how do Volcanoes erupt? etc Think about questions that will help you to find as much information as possible. Then use the internet, the links I am giving you or books to help you answer your questions. You are trying to become the World's expert on Volcanoes - so that you can warn (SHHH!) Agent M, after all he thinks he is safe on the slopes of Popocatepetl!


Some of you will have already started today's task so I need you to keep going with your research, your  research so far will probably have made you ask more questions, so find the answers to those! 


You can record what you find out in any way you like - a list, notes, a poster, a diagram, infographic or something else. 



In class we have started to think about writing our own newspaper to help prove to (SHHH!) Agent M why he should leave Popocatepetl. 


In class today we should have been text mapping an existing newspaper - text mapping helps us to internalise the sentence structure of a text type and gives us phrases to magpie!


So, your job is to learn (off by heart) the newspaper article in the link below. It is quite long -- if you only get as far as the first three paragraphs then that is impressive. Remember to make up actions to help you remember each part. 


I have included the text map that we would have created as a class to support you, but if you would like to create one of your own to help you then please do, I would love to see it. 

Timestable Challenge
We would have been doing our Times table challenge in school today but we can't really do that here. So instead I would like you all to log on to TT Rockstars and complete the Garage sessions and also to take part in the Battle of the Bands against Mrs Tilley's class. This could be our chance to win!

We would have been marking our homework this afternoon, so I will have to do that all by myself today! sad

Your new homework will be in the homework link on the website. This does not have to be done today, but will need to be handed in next Thursday when you return to school. You can print it out, or write it out. You can email it to me or bring it in as usual. 


To find your homework, go to the Children's section on the website and in the drop  down menu is a section called Class pages. In there find Year 3 and then find the folder for this week. Do your best. 

Remember that you will also have a new Bug Club book allocated to you and you will need to login on to TTRockstars as part of your homework too. 

Golden Time

It's Friday so the last activity of the day would have been Golden Time.

Find your favourite toy, or game, or other activity (try not to use a screen, instead try something different) spend half an hour relaxing. If there is someone at home who is able to play too then reward them with Golden time as well! 

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