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Monday 8th February 2021


Today and tomorrow we will be finishing off our work on statistics.  You have produced some amazing pictograms and bar charts. Today we are going to be interpreting and using tables and charts.  Watch the video 'Maths - tables and charts - Monday' in the Video Resource Centre before choosing and completing a task.

Whole Class Reading

Today we are going to Read for Meaning and Pleasure.


We are going to read the fourth part of the story. Using the Powerpoint on the video in the Video Resource centre


As I am reading I want you to think about questions that the text makes you ask.

Your question might be to make something clearer or so that you understand things a little more.

It needs to be linked to what you have heard or what you want to know next.

If it is a question about the meaning of a word - use the link for the online dictionary below to find out what it means. 


Listen carefully and then stop the reading if you have a question and write it down. You might like to bring your questions to the morning meeting tomorrow to discuss with your classmates.

Number Magic
We have included a game from Education City to play based around  a particular times table - if you have not yet made it to this times table then work on one that you do need to be practising. 
Theme - English - Complete Character description and Edit!

Today we need you to complete your Starjik description. So you will need to write the last paragraph. 

Watch today's English video in the Video Resource Centre which will talk you through what you need to do. 


Once your first draft is finished you then need to edit the whole thing, all 5 paragraphs! This will involve you checking for things like missing punctuation and spelling mistakes - this is an important Year 3 target.  


Use the editing checklist to help you. The video demonstrates what to do. 

Editing Checklist


We are continuing to work on prefixes this week.  Reading the spelling notes which explain your task for today.


If we were at school then this afternoon we would be taking part in an hour long PE session. 

It is very important that you take a break from the other school activities and get active. There are some suggestions here to help you develop particular PE based skills, but if you have other ideas  - such as long walk , bicycle ride, basket ball game then please do that instead, or as well!


Below you will find a link to the This is PE website - complete Lesson 7 - Agility and Lesson 8  - King of the cones.


If you would like to have another go at any of  the lessons we have already used before then please do -  I know a lot of you found them fun. 

There is a new website and link for you to try this week. Its from the Get Kids Moving website each work out is led by a superhero or character from a film. 

The link below takes you to a work out led by Elsa this week!

You can also log onto Cosmic Kids Yoga or we have put below the link to Maths on the Move - which I know lots of you like to try. 

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