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Friday 13th May 2022


Homework due Wednesday 18th May.


Make sure that you are reading everyday.

You could read a physical book or you could use Bug Club.

It is important that any reading you do is recorded in your reading journal but most important of all, try to read to enjoy the power and magic of a good book. 

Who could you read to today? Who could read to you? 


Maths Challenge

Practise the times table we have given you. You must be able to recall it out of order and within five seconds. You will need to be able to complete both multiplication and division questions for your given times table. Make sure you're ready for the challenge!


Part of your homework is to log on to TTRockstars to help with learning your tables, YOU NEED TO DO THIS FOR AT LEAST  10 MINUTES EVERYDAY. As usual there is a Battle of the Bands between 3HB and 3SG. Who will win this week? Will it be 3HB or 3SG?


English - Features of a non-chronological report

We are working towards writing our own non-chronological report. As a class, we have had a look at the features that are important to include in a non-chronological report. This week for homework we would like you to find the key features in the report below. The key features you need to find are: 




-Key facts (you need to find 5!)

-Causal conjunctions (e.g. when, if, because, although )

-Generalisers (e.g. most, the majority of, many, some, lots of, on the whole)


Final challenge: summarise each paragraph using a maximum of one sentence per paragraph.

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