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Friday 8th January


Handwriting demo

Still image for this video

Handwriting lines

Number Magic

In Maths today we are going to look at what happens to numbers when we multiply and divide them by ten. 

Make sure you watch the video for Oak Academy to help you to understand this - if it is asks you to complete a task - don't worry about that because you don't have the tasks. 

We  have also included the slides from the lesson to help you with your understanding too. 


Whole Class Reading

Today we will be listening to the rest of the first chapter of the Ice Palace.  The recording can be found in the Video Resource Centre which is in the same drop down menu as the Home Learning Platform.  When you are listening to the story if there are any words that you do not understand or you think of a question that would help you to understand the text, then pause the video and write it down, or ask an adult at home to write down your questions for you.  We will discuss your questions in our next session.


Use the links to the songs below to help you to learn how to count to 10 and then 20 in Spanish. 


Golden Time

It's Friday so the last activity of the day would have been Golden Time.

Find your favourite toy, or game, or other activity (try not to use a screen as you will have been on it all day, instead try something different) spend half an hour relaxing. If there is someone at home who is able to play too then reward them with Golden time as well! You all deserve it. 

Happy Weekend!smiley

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