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Homework 18th June

Congratulations to all of you for the hard work that you have completed this week.

We are really proud of you. Here is your homework for this week. Do your best, work hard.


This week in our spelling lessons we have been learning all about turning verbs into nouns by adding the suffix that makes the sound 'shun', e.g. 'sion' or 'tion.'

There are three rules - 

1. If the root word ends in a  't' or a 'te' then drop the 't' or 'te' and add the suffix 'tion'.

e.g. hesitate - > drop the te then add 'tion' - > hesitation

act -> drop the t then add tion.


2. If the root word ends in a  'd' or a 'de' then drop the 'd' or 'de' and add the suffix 'sion'.

e.g. decide - > drop the de then add 'sion' - > decision

expand - > drop the d then add 'sion' - . expansion


3. If the root word ends in an  's' or a 'se' then drop the 's' or 'se' and add the suffix 'sion'.

e.g. confuse - > drop the tse then add 'sion' - > confusion


Use the rules and add the correct suffix to the root words listed below. Learn the correct spelling of the words that you create ready for the Spelling Challenge next Friday (25th June).

Root words:

divide, decide, expand, confuse, comprehend, televise, invent, hesitate, act, explode, extend, complete.



Maths - we are continuing to learn how to tell the time and this week children have been set homework on Purple Mash.  You can access this through SIMS ID on the school website.  Once you have logged in you will see a purple bell with an alert next to it.  Click on this and then click on the GO TO button (see screen shot).  Work should be completed by Wednesday 23rd June.





There are lots of books for you to read on Bug Club, so please log on and complete the Bugs as you go.



Our final TT Rock Stars battle of Year 3 has started and will finish on Friday 2nd July at 9.00am. Will Mrs Griffith's class achieve their first win or will it be a clean sweep for Mrs Tilley's class? If every member of Year 3 takes part it will be a brilliant battle. Good luck everyone!


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