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Homework 7th May 2021

This week we have been learning the last group of words from the Year 3 spelling list.  Children have now been taught all of these spellings:


accident(ally), actual(ly), address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, busy/business, calendar, 

caught, centre, century, certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear, early

earth, eight/eighth, enough, exercise, experience, experiment, extreme, famous, favourite, February, forward(s), fruit, grammar, 

group, guard, guide, heard, heart, height, history, imagine, increase, important, interest, island, knowledge.


On the 21st May we will have a spelling test using ten of these words at random.  In July we will test children on all of the words.  



Children should spend at least 30 minutes practising their times tables on TT Rock Stars.  A new tournament between the Year 3 classes will start at 4pm on Friday 7th May and will finish at 6pm on Thursday 20th May.  Good Luck!


Children have been allocated books on Bug Club.  They should choose a book to read and complete the 'bugs' as they go.

Your child's username and password for TT Rock Stars and Bug Club can be found on the inside cover of their reading journal.

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