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Focus activity - PSHCE


With your child have a go at discussing why they are special and unique and how they are kind to friends.

Focus activity

Choose an animal that lives in the savanna. Write a statement about a fact you know about that animal using a full stop. Write a question about something else you would like to know about that animal and use a question mark. Use the word mat to help you start your question. Keep hold of these you might need them later in the week...

Peg activity - writing

Can you put a full stop or question mark to complete the statements or questions?

Lolly activity - Maths


Use tens and ones to help Dr Rose work out how many bags of food each of the animals need. You can use a tens and ones place value chart, the part whole model, drawings or concrete resources such as lego to show your answers.

Focus activity - Phonics

Have a go at using the ‘Does it look right? strategy’ to help you spell the pictures below. Remember to phonetically spell and use your robot arms to help you.

Tricky word


We are going to have a go at practising some of our tricky words. We are going to give you a word a day to practise. Today your tricky word is through.


Choose one of the options, or anything you can find at home, and write the tricky word for today using that resource. See how many times you can write the word in a minute! Then choose 3 more resources and rewrite through using;


  1. Rainbow writing
  2. Sand, flour, rice
  3. Paint
  4. Water
  5. Mud
  6. Chalk
  7. Glitter

Additional activities

Small World Play


Create your own small world savannah scene for your toys in a pot or tray! Here are some ideas to help you:


  • dry lentils, rice crispies or sand make a great dry landscape.
  • a shallow dish with water or some silver foil for a watering hole
  • spaghetti sticking up for the dry grasses
  • pebbles or stones from the garden make great rocks


Below is a picture of one that Mrs Grindrod made with her daughter.

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