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Timetable for the day

9am – Teams Meeting:  Set up the day and maths input.

There is a follow activity for this – adaptation card sort.

1.30pm – Teams Meeting: Design own creature.

There will be follow up work from this – annotated animal design task.

Other tasks - you can do these at any time across the day

  • Number Magic- Day 3
  • Moth reading task
  • SPAG activity
  • Evolution Game Input and Activity


Number Magic

Here is your number magic for today. Remember to use the answers to self-mark.

Reading Follow Up

Following the work we have done around Moth: An Evolution story, we would like you to map out the evolutionary journey of the Peppered Moth, showing how it has changed over time. Refer back to the text to help you (you will find part 1 in last Tuesday’s folder and part 2 in this Monday’s folder). The task is below.

Theme 1

Watch the input and then try the activity – choose an animal and an evolutionary feature and work out what the advantages and disadvantages of it might be for the creature.

Theme 2

After our second live input of the day, you will be ready to start designing your own creature. We will be exploring botanical drawings to help us with this Here are some tips for success:

- If your creature is made up of part of other creatures, look at pictures of them and use those to help you.

- Make careful observations

- Don't press too hard

- Consider keeping it black and white

- Use shade and tone to bring it to life.


SPAG today is focused on the past and present tense. You have a paragraph where you need to change the verbs into the past or present. The answers are in a separate document.


Following on from our video call, below are your Maths tasks for today.


Bronze 2- here is a video below which will help you with your Maths task.

Aut6.5.5 - Long division (1) - Bing video


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