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This week your spellings are words that have the ‘igh’ sound spelled ‘y’ at the end of words. This is by far the most common spelling for this sound at the end of words. Make sure that you can read all of the words in your list and know the meanings of them before you start learning to spell them.


You also have two activities to complete which will help you learn your spellings. There is a complete the sentence activity as well as a wordsearch. 

Punctuation and Grammar 


We would also like you to do some revision about when to use a possessive apostrophe and when you don’t need one because the word is plural.


Nouns can be singular or plural. Singular means there is just one. Plural means there is more than one.

For example:


Singular                   Plural

bee                           bees


This game will help refresh your memories about singular and plural nouns.


Lots of people overuse apostrophes by adding them to plural nouns when they are not needed. You only need an apostrophe if you are saying something belongs to the noun: 


Have a go at this game on Education City. It will help you understand when a possessive apostrophe is needed.


Once you are getting the hang of it, have a go at this 'Plural or Possessive?' activity. 

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