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Friday 6th October

Happy Friday! This week in maths we have been using rounding to estimate and to check our answers. Please find the maths homework attached. Remember, you only need to choose one challenge to complete. Choose the challenge that is best for you.



Please continue reading your chosen book over the weekend (20 minutes a day at least) and write in the page that you have got to in your reading journal. You could also draw a picture of a character from the book or a setting if you wish. Alternatively, you could write a summary of your reading or a comment about what you are enjoying about the book so far. All of those ideas can be written into your journal under "reading at home."


Times Table Rock Stars

Well done to all of those children who have been putting effort into learning or practising their times tables. You are earning lots of coins for yourself and your class. Remember, there will be a new tournament this week between our classes. Little and often is the best approach; 5 minutes here and there (daily) will concrete your tables knowledge. You could even challenge your teacher laugh. It was a very close contest this week, as you can se from the results, but congratulations to Mrs Tilley's class for their first hat-trick of the year!


Have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you on Monday.


The Year 5 team.


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