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Friday 16th July

We will be having an extra Teams meeting today at 12:00 to have our PICNIC PARTY!


Focus activity


Today we would like you to make a party hat or party crown. You can use whatever you would like to make one, make it as creative as you can.


You will need;

  • a piece of paper that fits around your head
  • scissors
  • stapler, tape or glue
  • string, elastic or hair pins so it doesn’t fall off!
  • pens, pencils and other craft materials


When creating your hat or crown remember to decorate the piece of paper first and then staple, glue or tape the hat together. We look forward to seeing your hats at the party later on. 


Happy hat making!




In the morning briefing, the children will flick through the sounds already taught, including tricky words.

Please login to Education City and play the 'Double Bubble Trouble' game.

Maths - Lolly activity

Solve the calculations to find out what healthy foods are hidden within the numbers. Use a number line or another resources to help solve the calculations. The answers are within this document so be careful not to show the children!

English - Peg activity

Design your own party game! Think about what party games you already know and how to play them. Think of your own game, design it by drawing and writing how to play. Include any rules that you may need including how to win! Play the game with members of your own household and have fun!

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