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Thursday 11th February 2021


This week we are joining the letters 'pi'.  These are the last two letters that we need to learn how to join.  After half term we will recap some of the letters that we think you have been finding a bit tricky to join. Handwriting lined paper is available to download.

Joining 'pi'.

Still image for this video

Real P.E.

This week we would like you to work on your jumping and landing skills. When you have logged on to Real P.E. click on the icon below:

Once you have practised the different jumps and landings you could put them together into a sequence.  We would love to see your routines! 


Username: Year 35601

Password: million6105

Number Magic


Today you will be measuring in centimetres and millimetres.  Watch the video 'Maths centimetres and millimetres Thursday' in the video resource centre before choosing a task to complete.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.

Whole Class Reading

Today we are going to work on the Year 3 target which is to write a summary of something that has been read. WE are going to write a summary of the section of the Ice Palace that we read on Monday. 


You will need the plan that you wrote yesterday. 


Watch today's reading video- Writing a Summary, which you can see an example. 

Remember that the summary is a short paragraph in which you talk through the mains points.


You could imagine you are writing Tweet! And you have a word limit of 100 words!


Science - Plants

This week we are going to be looking at what plants need to grow.  There is a Powerpoint for you to read through and a short video for you to watch.  The teaching notes below explain what you will need to do to create your experiment.  Once your experiment is set up you will need to monitor it and record your findings.  


This week we are continuing with our jigsaw piece 'Celebrating Differences' and will be doing some more work on antibullying.  Watch the video 'Antibullying Thursday' on the Video Resource Centre.  There are some teaching notes to accompany the video.

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