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Today we are going to continue to consider how other cultures are different from ours. We will discuss this in our 9am session so please have the sheets below ready to use. You are going to think about the children who work on the cocoa plant and Joseph who we discussed in our last session. Your activity today is to complete a culture wheel for both of these children and consider how their wheel is different to yours.


Today we are going to continue to learn how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions. Watch the video below and then complete the activity at your relevant level.

Number Magic

You need to complete your relevant level for Number Magic. If you want to challenge yourself, try completing the next level instead.

Reading: Bug Club

Log on to Bug Club and finish the books that have been assigned to your level.


Gold: An Awfully Beastly Business: Saving a Sea Monster

Silver: Coming Home

Bronze: Mountain Tales of Norway

Bronze 2: Dino-soaring

Outdoor Activity


As Forest School has been closed this week, we would like you to get outside and complete the outdoor activity that we have attached below.

Class Novel

Click the audio link below to listen to the final part of our class novel, George's Secret Key to the Universe. 

Thursday Novel (1).mp3

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