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Friday 15th January

Times table practice

Practice your allocated times tables on TT Rock Stars. 

This is instead of a times table challenge.

Which class will be  the victors in the Battle of the Bands? 

Theme - Poetry

You have now practised creating your own similes and metaphors to describe a joyous journey in winter, so today you are going to put all of your knowledge and ideas together and write your own poem! There is a video in the Video Resource Centre titled 'How to write your poem', that you should watch before starting your writing. Remember that poems are written in verses and you should be aiming for four or five verses when creating your own poem.  You should use a thesaurus to help you choose the most effective words; there is a link to an online thesaurus below.  


Today we are going to continue to work on using the chunking number line method to help us to calculate division problems. 


Make sure you watch the lesson in the Video Resource Centre titled 'Maths Friday 15th January'BEFORE you complete the tasks as this will help you understand the method a little more. 



Whole Class Reading

Today we are going to share with you the first part of Chapter 2 of Ice Palace. 

Just as we would do in school, this is the 'Reading for Meaning' session.


So you need to sit back and listen carefully to the Video - which you will find in the Video Resource Centre. It is titled 'Ice Palace Chapter 2 part 1 Friday'. 


The aim of the session is to enjoy and understand the text, so as you are listening you need to pause the video each time a question about the text enters you head. This might be a question about a piece of vocabulary that you don't know the meaning of, or a question about what might happen next in the extract. If you are listening carefully there will be lots of questions. Have them ready to share with everyone on Monday. 


P.S we will read the rest of the chapter on Monday and repeat the process. 


Watch the Video lesson (Art Character work Friday 15th January) where you will explore how an artist creates the personality of a character through the features that they use. 

You will need to print out the sheets below to help with the lesson, you will also need two pieces of paper, a pencil and some glue.


Take your time over the activity - we can't wait to see your finished portraits.  

Golden Time!

It's Friday so the last activity of the day would have been Golden Time.

Find your favourite toy, or game, or other activity (try not to use a screen as you will have been on it all day, instead try something different) spend half an hour relaxing. If there is someone at home who is able to play too then reward them with Golden time as well! You all deserve it. 

Happy Weekend!smiley

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