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Thursday 25th February 2021


As we have practiced all of the letter joins, now we will recap some letters that can be tricky.  Today we will be looking at k, J, j and z.  

k, J, j and z

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As we have covered all of the areas of Real P.E. we have some other activities for you to try.  You can take part in the Maths on the move Quiz 6 or you can do a 20 minute workout with Black Panther or why not do both!


Number Magic


Today we will be converting centimetres into millimetres.  There is a video to watch 'Maths Length Thursday' in the Video Resource Centre.  There are teaching notes to accompany the video.  Once you have watched it, choose the most suitable task to complete.

Whole Class Reading

Today you are going to use the text you have read or listened to to begin to create a summary picture. 

Watch the Video in the Video Resource Centre for today's reading session - this will outline the task for you. 


This week we will be writing a conclusion for the experiment we carried out to prove what plants need to grow.  Don't worry if you didn't manage to carry the experiment out at home.  We have photos from the experiment we carried out at school that you can use to write a conclusion.    There are photos of the cress at different stages of the experiment for you to look at.  You can then fill in the  recording sheet for each bag.  Once you have looked closely at the photos/your own cress you can then write your conclusion.  


We are continuing our work within the Celebrating Differences piece of our jigsaw and will be looking at ways to help stop bullying.  If you have a printer then you can print out the kite template, alternatively you can create your own kite with 7 sections for you to draw/write in.  Watch the video 'PSHCE Thursday' in the Video Resource Centre which contains today's task.

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