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CGP SATs Books

As you will know, this week we have sent home some CGP books with you which will form the basis of your homework from now up until SATs. You will need to complete the tests within in them as detailed in the documents below. Remember not to worry if you come across a question you find tricky - we may not have covered that area yet, or you may just need a little guidance. Pop a circle around the question number and we will go through it when you bring the book back in. 

As always, the homework week runs from Friday to Wednesday, so we expect you to bring any of the books you have been working in, into school every Wednesday. If you are finding it difficult to get this work done at home, please speak to us so we can support you with this.  

If after doing the tests you have been set, you are looking for a little extra challenge, we have the following suggestions:

- there are additional online activities on and which you can access using your log ons

- you could identify any tests in the CGP books which we won't be covering and have a go at them

- your parents may want to invest in other work books to support your learning at home, although there is absolutely no expectation to do this. See below for suggested books.



Spelling SATs Buster

Grammar SATs Buster

Punctuation SATs Buster



Reasoning SATs Buster

Arithmetic SATs Buster 



Non-fiction SATs Buster

Fiction SATs Buster



After the fun-filled TTRS day, you are aware that there will be a battle available to you every week in which you can win tokens for completing and also a bonus token will be awarded for 95% accuracy.  In addition, we of course expect you to be reading daily too. Homework should take you 1 hour each week, so please ensure you are spending an appropriate amount of time on it.  

Rollama - your SPAG homework for over Easter is to look at the Rollama SATs paper below. For each question there is a link to some games that will help you practise each skill. You do not have to complete every game - we recommend focussing just on the SPAG concepts which you are most unsure about.

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