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Week Eleven

Hello Year 2!


We hope you have had a good week and enjoyed learning about the moon landing and creating your own rocket.

This week Miss Bevand’s class have challenged Mrs Tilley’s class to a battle on TT Rock Stars.  Everyone can take part in the battle and the winning class will be announced next Monday.  You have until Sunday 28th June to take part in the battle.


We are really looking forward to seeing you next week when Year 2 can return to school.  We have missed you all very much!   We will continue to upload work for you to do on the days when you are not at school.

This week your writing task is based on exploring a tropical island and your creative task involves making an explorer's boat that will float! In Maths you will be recapping your knowledge of statistics by interpreting tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams.  As always, try your best.  We would love to see the work that you do so once it is completed, ask your grown-ups to send it to either:

[email protected]


[email protected]

and we will email you back with a comment.  The email addresses will be live from Tuesday 23rd June.  Remember you can Tweet your work too on Twitter @LyppardSchool.


Have a great week and we shall see you very soon!


Mrs Tilley, Miss Bevand, Mrs Carrier, Mrs Baldwin and Miss Davis. xxxxx

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