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Ivan's Land continued

As we progressed through our Ice Palace theme, the children developed a variety of skills and created some fantastic pieces of work. The children became scientists and investigated different elements of light including how we see, how light reaches our eyes and how it is reflected. In addition, they explored how friction works and what plants need to grow.

Throughout the term they also became computing whizzes and learnt how to program a microbit to provide Ivan with a flashing light to have in the dark, snowy forest at night.

They then became authors and wrote their own character description of the mysterious Starjik. Alongside writing their descriptions the children developed their artistic skills – learning how to draw facial features and using these skills to draw some excellent portraits of Starjik. They continued to be artists and worked in groups to design and create beautiful moving mobiles inspired by our book ‘Ice Palace’. In the final week of term, the children became engrossed in a DT project where they had to design and make a moving picture using linkages and levers. Each child produced a super moving picture inspired by Ivan and his magnificent land! 

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