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Thursday 21st January

Good morning everyone! Today is Thursday!


Today we would like you to do some more handwriting. To begin with watch the handwriting warm up video and join in with the stretches.

Once you are ready, get your handwriting paper ready and move onto the handwriting video below. Miss Bevand will talk you through today’s joins and show you exactly how to form the letters on the handwriting lines.

Handwriting Thursday.mp4

Still image for this video


Today we would like you to complete the activities focussing on using conjunctions. We have learnt conjunctions before – remember that these are our joining words that we can use to join our ideas together. Don’t spend more than 20 minutes on this. Use this activity to refresh your memories so that you can continue to use conjunctions in your writing.


Today’s lesson is the second line by line session on the final part of the story of ‘Rama and Sita’. Listen to Miss Bevand reading the second part of the story. Once you are ready, go the line by line video which can be found in the Video Resource Centre:


School website – children – video resource centre – Year 2 – Line by Line part 2 21.01.21

Rama and Sita part 2

Still image for this video


Today we are going to start creating our final story map for the second part of our retelling of 'The Great Race'. 

We have written a shortened story script for part two below for you to follow if you would like to use it.

In the video below, Miss Rogers has created a story map and some actions for the first couple of sentences to set you off.

Happy story mapping!laugh

Story mapping part 2

Still image for this video

Number Magic

Here is today’s Number Magic for you to complete. We have linked below a lovely warm up game for you to have a go at before you start your Number Magic task today (today's game will help you to practise using multiplication). Remember to complete just one of the challenges, you don’t need to do all three!


By the end of Year 2, you should be aiming to have an instant recall of your 2, 5 and 10 times table. This means being able to quickly answer times table questions without hesitation. To achieve this goal, we need to do lots of practising. 

Today we are going to practise our 10 times table through lots of games.

Below we have included a 10 times table game for you to either print out or copy and play. The instructions for how to play are on the game.

We have also linked up a BBC Bitesize video and some games below that you can play so that you can continue to practise.


We are going to continue exploring our new jigsaw piece 'Celebrating Differences'. Today we would like you to talk to an adult in your home and discuss what differences there may be between boys and girls. This could be appearance (e.g. eye/hair colour), or hobbies, things they like doing, things they are good at, etc. On the ‘Differences shield’ below, design your own differences shield with four of the things that may be different between boys and girls. Complete the sentence in the middle ‘It’s good to be different because…’.

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