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A visit from The Animal Man

Our new theme of learning ‘Habitat Hunters’ got off to a fabulous start on our first day back after half term, as Year 2 were visited by the animal lady.  She was accompanied by two reptiles - a corn snake and a royal python - a Madagascan hissing cockroach, a pygmy hedgehog, an Argentinian horned frog, a barn owl and a kinkajou.  The children learnt about the habitats of these animals and what they eat.  They had the opportunity to stroke and even hold some of the animals.  The children were then set two tasks.  They were asked to educated people about how to protect the endangered hedgehog by creating an informative poster and they were challenged to find a new home for the woodland creatures in the animal lady’s care.  The children are now habitat hunters and will be researching suitable places for the animals to live.   

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