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Tuesday 20th July

Focus activity

Write a book review for one of the Lighthouse Keepers books that we have read to you. You could use the document below to complete it or design your own.


Play Picnic on Pluto ( to set this up click start, phase 5, revise all phase 5. The children then read the word and decide if they are real or alien words. Bob the alien loves to be feed real words, Obb loves to eat alien words. The children have played this in school before. 

Maths - Lolly activity

Complete the sheet to recall your telling the time knowledge. 

English - Peg activity

Mr Whoops has written some sentences but he's made some mistakes! Can you rewrite the sentence to make them correct you will need to remember your full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and use the 'does it look right' strategy to help correct some spellings. Complete as many as you like. 

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