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Thursday 15th July

Focus activity

With an adult make a healthy sandwich and/or ice lolly. We have talked about this lots in school and the children know which healthy items we were going to use for this. The children have written their own instructions to do this, encourage them to explain what they are doing as they are making their food. Keep these for our virtual picnic party tomorrow!


In the morning briefing, the children will flick through the sounds already taught, including tricky words.

Read the words on the sheet if it's a real word draw a picture of what the word says. If it's on alien word draw a picture of an alien!

Maths - Lolly activity

Colour by numbers the children have had access to these in class but only managed to complete 1. They can choose which every one (or more) they would like to complete. Calculate the correct answer to the question and colour it correct colour based it's answer!


Experiment with capacity (the maximum amount that something can contain e.g. a cup containing water). Get the children to express what they can see in different shape cups and containers with water or another liquid in. Encourage the children to use the language full, empty, half full, half empty, more and less. 

Or use this cut and stick activity to explore capacity. 

Additional activities:

This activity pack has lots and lots of activities in such as colouring, spot the differences, mazes ect. Feel free to dip into it if you need to throughout the isolation period. 

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