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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Lunch Menus

School Lunches from Aspens

Aspens is a Worcester-based education catering specialist that provides healthy eating options and allows you, the parent, to be involved with the food choices your child is making at school.


Regardless of whether you pay for your child’s meal or if they are entitled to free school meals (either UIFSM (if your child is in Early Years, Y1 or Y2 and entitled to a government funded free lunch each day) or FSM (which is income-based and attracts extra funding to school through Pupil Premium payments), a menu selection needs to be made.  Food allergies and intolerances will be better catered for and where necessary parents will have the opportunity to meet with the caterers to discuss needs. 

Parents can order online via Aspens own website and where applicable payment will be made by crediting your child’s account using Pay Pal.  Discounted rates have been negotiated on your behalf – 20 meals for the price of 19 and 30 meals for the price of 27.  We also secured a price reduction for you as meals now cost £2.00 each not the current £2.10 we were previously charged by Megabite. 


Other benefits include:

  • Changes to your child’s order may be made up until 9.00 am on the day (via Aspens website) this includes changes to menu selection and cancelling meals due to illness.  Any cancellations received by Aspens in the specified time will be added as a credit to your child’s spend account;
  • Puddings will be chosen by the child on the day (except in cases of allergies/intolerances) and do not need to be booked when choosing your meal selection;
  • A salad bar from which children may make a selection to enhance their chosen meal;
  • Discounted rates e.g buy 20 meals pay for 19 or buy 30 and pay for only 27!
  • New menus will be loaded on line for the start of each term;
  • Parents can order single days, weekly, monthly, half-termly or termly.


Below is a flyer from Aspens with some background information on what they offer together with a You-Tube tutorial link, together with information to help you with the ordering process.

Healthy School Status


We currently have Healthy School Status which recognises our efforts to promote healthy lifestyles for our children. In line with this we prefer no confectionery items in your child's lunchbox.


Hot lunches are available 1,2,3,4 or 5 days per week and are provided by Aspens. Read more from our Parents' section on 'School Lunches from Aspens'.


Parents should note that the School Office has details of Worcestershire County Council's Free School Meals Scheme and forms, should you require one.


As we have a number of children with allergies, we do not permit peanuts/nut snacks or food containing nuts in school at any time. Additionally, we now have an adult with a severe kiwi fruit allergy and therefore would ask parents to avoid kiwi fruit also. Many thanks.

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