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For Maths this week, we have set you some mystery challenges, you have been provided with clues to solve the cases. We have also set you your five-a day number magic calculations to be completed at your relevant level. Below are some further suggestions of extra Maths you could complete this week.



KS2 Times Table Rockstars:

We would like you to continue to practise your times tables skills on Times Table Rockstars and your teacher has challenged you to beat their score. Your login in for this is stuck to the inside of your Home Learning Books.


Bronze: The mystery of the melted ice cream

Day 1: Clues 1, 2

Day 2: Clues 3, 4, 5

Day 3: The mystery of the burgled bangers: clues 1, 2

Day 4: Clues 3, 4

Day 5: Clue 5



Day 1: Pages 2-4

Day 2: Pages 5-7

Day 3: Pages 8-10

Day 4: 11-13

Day 5: Summer activity board game


Gold: The mystery of the missing tennis kit

Day 1: Clues 1, 2

Day 2: Clues 3, 4, 5

Day 3: The mystery of the great bakes thief: Clue 1

Day 4: Clue 2

Day 5: Clue 3

Extra challenge: Can you create your own mystery booklet?



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