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If you have a safeguarding concern about a child while school is closed for most children, contact us at [email protected]

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Focus Activity - Maths


Support your child to answer the problem solving and reasoning questions for 2s, 5s and 10s. Get them to explain their answers verbally and ask them to show you how they know. They can use resources such as lego, number line, 100 square or coins/counters to help them explain their answers.


Peg Activity - Writing 


Use the story mountain you made yesterday to now write your Antarctic adventure story. Make sure you are using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in your sentences. Add some adjectives to help describe what you can see, hear, smell, touch or even taste. Use the phonics strips to help you with your spelling. We can't wait to see what you have written!

Focus Activity - Phonics

Additional Activities

Focus Activity - Tricky Words


We are going to have a go at practising some of our tricky words. We are going to give you a word a day to practise. Today your tricky word is please.


Choose one of the ideas below, or use anything you can find at home, and write the tricky word with or in that resource. Once you feel confident that you can spell please, see how many times you can write it in a minute!

Continue to practise spelling please in a variety of ways.


  1. Rainbow writing - please
  2. Write in a tray of sand, flour, rice or anything you can get your hands on!
  3. Paint 
  4. Water
  5. Mud
  6. Chalk
  7. Glitter

Lolly Activity - Maths


Watch the video on Espresso - Counting in Steps ' The laboratory'


Your child could also have a go at the cut and stick activities - 2s and 5s independently.

Focus Activity - Real PE

Follow the link above to the 'real PE at home' website and then login using the username and password on the PDF document. When you are on the real P.E. at home website site click on the pictures shown in the photograph below. This week have a go at the Jungle Adventure PE challenge. There are other games, skills activities, stories and songs in the 'Jungle' section that you can have a go at if you want to.

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