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Friday 26th January 2024

This week children have been researching space vehicles in preparation for designing their own moon buggies next week.  The have also carried out scientific enquiries to test how friction can affect the distance a object travels.  In our Maths lessons children have built on their knowledge of decimals and have learned about decimals with two decimal places.


Reading: Children should read for at least 20 minutes every day and record their activity in their reading journals. Reading books and reading journals should be brought into school every day.


Maths Challenge: Children should practise their allocated times tables on TTRS completing at least 10 minutes of Garage. After they have completed 10 minutes all the other areas of TTRS are available to them.  This week's battles have finished.  Both Year 5 classes had close battles.  Congratulations to Mrs Tilley's class on their win this week!  Who will Year 5 be up against this week?



Homework: To consolidate their knowledge of decimals to two decimal places, children should complete one of the tasks below.  Homework should be handed in by Wednesday 31st January.

Decimals to two decimal places

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