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The Lyppard Grange Primary School Empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life.

Week Eleven


Children who are returning to school will be reading all of their books in school with a Teacher or Teaching Assistant as we cannot send materials home.  There will be no book bags or reading journals.


For those children who are not returning to school we will allocate 2 books on Bug club on Fridays for the following week.

Remember all the books previously allocated will still be available for the children to re-read and please continue to use any other books you have at home.  Children will also enjoy finding words in books you read to them as well as the environment.

Continue to use the bumblebee tricky word mat for children to recognise and read on sight and begin spelling accurately too.

Oxford Reading tree have also released their scheme for you to use at home for free. This is in the national book band colours. You will need to create an account.

Day 1

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Today we would like you to be 2D shape detectives. Can you think of any 2D shapes that you know? Look very carefully at the picture from the story ‘The Pirates are Coming’, how many 2D shapes can you find? Can you find any triangles, rectangles, circles and squares? How many can you see?


When you have done that, we would like you to have a look around your house and see how many 2D shapes can find in your home.  As an extra challenge, see if you can find any pentagons and hexagons.


Happy hunting!

Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Day 2


Ahoy there shipmates!


Every pirate loves to have a parrot.


You can make a parrot using only 2D shapes.


You can use coloured paper or any paper you want and colour or paint the shapes.


These are the shapes you need, you can use a plastic cup to draw around.  Have a look to see if you have any other objects that are a circular shape too.  Don’t forget to hold your scissors correctly when you cut the shapes out.

Can you make a parrot like this one?

Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Day 3


Ahoy there Shipmates,

What is a pirate’s favourite thing to do?

Finding treasure of course!

Today we would like you to make a pirate maze game on Purple Mash, where the pirate has to collect the treasure without being caught by the baddie. Watch the videos to see how to do it.


Please also choose a phonics game from Education City or Espresso to play today.

Additional activities.

Please use Oak Academy for additional lessons and activities if you require more. 

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