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Here is your Number Magic for this week. We have included our 6 a day calculations as well as an additional challenge to keep those impressive maths skills fresh. Happy calculating smiley


For your maths challenges this week, we are revisiting our shapes and angles work. Remember the key facts (and, as always, the songs that help with those!) 


Here are some Education City games that might help you with your shape work:


Gold and Silver (in the Year 6 area):


Time to Reflect


Bronze (in the Year 4 area):

Pharaoh Triangle

Wrecked Angles


Also, if you head to Espresso and type in '2D shapes Upper', you will find this page where there are videos to watch and games to play.


Practical maths activity ideas:


You could go on an angle hunt around your house:

  • How many objects with obtuse angles can you find?
  • Do your pieces of furniture have more acute angles or right angles?
  • Can you find any examples of any reflex angles?

If you have a protractor at home, you could measure some of these too.

You could always create an angle treasure hunt for someone else in your family to complete!

Day 5 - For your maths work today, we would like you to create a resource that demonstrates your knowledge of 2D shapes and the associated angle facts. You can present this information in any way you would like: it could be a poster, you might create a resource using your computer or you could even create a video clip or song - the choice is completely yours!

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