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Wednesday 27th January 2021


This session should last an hour, including the video.

Today we are still thinking about Money, but we are going to move onto thinking about subtracting it. This will be a handy skill when comparing prices or amounts and trying to work out how much more or less than each other items cost.

We will be focusing on finding the difference. 

Watch the Video (Maths Money Day 8) and then complete the tasks. 


Whole Class Reading

This is second of two half hour sessions on the task you were set on Monday - for all the details of the task look at the daily activities for Monday. 

Make sure that you have given well thought out answers in which you provide evidence from the text to support what you say. 

Number Magic

Theme - Character description

Now that you have identified all of the features in the Snow Queen's character description, it is time to internalise it (learn it off by heart).  To do this we will use a story map.  The first two paragraphs of the story map have been done for you.  Today you should practise these until you know them off  by heart.  Watch the video in the Video Resource Centre called 'Story mapping - Wednesday'.


Today you will be inventing your own words with the prefix super- and then creating a dictionary entry for them.


This session should last between an hour and an hour and a half. Try you best and really focus upon what you have to do. Avoid scribbling and don't  rush!


We are going to try to create a 'realistic' portrait of a face today - using all the skills that we have practised so far. 


There are some step by step instructions below that will help you to proportion your face, please try to use them. There is also a video to watch which might also help. 

Many of the lines that you will be asked to draw are guidelines and will be rubbed out (TOP TIP - don't press on hard - don't press on like you do when you write - instead gently tickle the page). If you press on too hard with the guidelines then your face will have strange lines running across it!

You can add shading to your image to make it look more 3 dimensional. There are some ideas for how to do that in the step by step help guide. 

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